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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

When my mother underwent chemotherapy, we spent a lot of time visiting the phlebotomy lab for blood testing. I was always impressed by how easily the phlebotomist was able to find and puncture a vein to draw blood on the first try. I knew there had to be a method to it, and was astounded by how effortless and painless they made the process. It led me to research a lot about blood tests, from drawing to the actual screening. I've created this site to share what I've learned in the hopes of teaching others. The more you understand, the more control you can have over your own health care.


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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

Tips For Choosing The Right Multivitamin

by Francisco Arnold

Eating a balanced diet helps ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy and vital. Unfortunately, if you aren't getting enough vitamins from the foods you eat, you are on a restricted diet, or have a condition or illness that makes it difficult for you to get the nutrients you need from food, such as cancer or certain digestive disorders, your doctor might recommend a daily multivitamin, such as from Numedica. With all the multivitamins on the market, it can be tricky to determine which product is best for you.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right multivitamin for you.

Consider Your Age, Gender, and Needs

There are several factors that determine which vitamins and minerals an individual will need to remain healthy, including their age and gender. For example, a woman who is nearing menopause has different nutritional needs than a toddler or teenager. Ask your doctor to determine which vitamins and minerals you require for your stage of life.

Read the product's label to determine if it is specially formulated for a man, woman, child, or for someone with a specific need, such as a woman who is pregnant. Also read the ingredients to ensure you are receiving all the vitamins and minerals recommended by your doctor.

The Multivitamin's Form

From gummies and liquid to extended-release gels and tablets, multivitamins come in a variety of forms. The type of form that is right for you is dependent upon your doctor's recommendation and your preference. For example, your kids who turn their noses up at swallowing pills or chewing on tablets might enjoy a gummy multivitamin.

If you don't enjoy swallowing pills or have a condition that makes swallowing tricky, a liquid multivitamin is a good option. However, be aware that liquid multivitamins typically have a shorter shelf life than other types.

Look for Natural Vitamin Sources

Finally, when reading the bottle, choose products that provide their vitamins and minerals from natural sources. Typically, the ingredients will tell you if the product is made from synthetic forms of the vitamins and minerals. Synthetic products are typically more cost-effective, but you don't always get the same benefits as you would if you looked for an all-natural multivitamin.

From the multivitamin's form to your age, gender, and specific nutritional needs, there are several factors to consider when determining which multivitamin is right for you. If you have any additional questions, contact your doctor for further help.