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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

When my mother underwent chemotherapy, we spent a lot of time visiting the phlebotomy lab for blood testing. I was always impressed by how easily the phlebotomist was able to find and puncture a vein to draw blood on the first try. I knew there had to be a method to it, and was astounded by how effortless and painless they made the process. It led me to research a lot about blood tests, from drawing to the actual screening. I've created this site to share what I've learned in the hopes of teaching others. The more you understand, the more control you can have over your own health care.



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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics


Need A Breast Pump? 4 Steps To Take For Your Free Breast Pump

If you're pregnant, and you plan to use a breast pump, you might not need to pay cash for it. You might be able to get your insurance carrier to cover the costs for you. However, you do need to take the appropriate steps. Here are four steps you need to take if you need your insurance company to provide you with a breast pump.  Contact Your Insurance Provider If you're pregnant, and you plan to use a breast pump, the first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company.

How Direct Primary Care Networks Help Those Without Insurance Coverage

Struggling with health insurance problems is a common issue for many people and can cause difficulties with treatment that may be challenging for many people to consider. Therefore, it is important to understand that other types of payment methods are available for those who need them. For instance, direct primary care networks can step in when insurance is not available. Payment Complications Can Cause Troubles With Healthcare Health insurance is an important element of many people's healthcare, but it can be quite complex in many situations.

Tips For Buying A Walk-In X-Ray Scanner

If you work in the health and medical business, it's important that you always have the tools and equipment needed to get information from your patients. By having a quality x-ray scanner, it'll give you the chance to make more accurate diagnoses and get patients in and out more effectively. In this article, you'll learn more about these scanners and how they will be helpful. Why is a walk-in x-ray scanner helpful?

What Does Your Physician Want You To Know About Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium is a mineral the body needs for many of its functions. Your body usually gets magnesium from the foods you eat, but you may find that you are not getting all the nutrients that you need from your favorite foods. Doctors often see patients who do not get the magnesium they need. You may turn to supplements as a way to increase the magnesium in the body. This might leave you wondering if your doctor wants you to take magnesium and how you should get it.

Therapy Options Your Sports Medicine Doctor May Suggest After Surgery

There are several steps you will take following a sports medicine related surgery. One of your first appointments following surgery will be with your sports medicine doctor. They will discuss a treatment plan with you and what options you have for pain management and healing. Though they will likely discuss medications to help with swelling and pain, they may also mention several non-medication options for your treatment as well. Here are a few of those options and how they may assist you in recovery.