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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

When my mother underwent chemotherapy, we spent a lot of time visiting the phlebotomy lab for blood testing. I was always impressed by how easily the phlebotomist was able to find and puncture a vein to draw blood on the first try. I knew there had to be a method to it, and was astounded by how effortless and painless they made the process. It led me to research a lot about blood tests, from drawing to the actual screening. I've created this site to share what I've learned in the hopes of teaching others. The more you understand, the more control you can have over your own health care.


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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

4 Things That Can Be Done To Optimize Wellness Care For Seniors

by Francisco Arnold

As people get older, their wellness takes on greater importance because their needs are different. It is not always possible for a senior to do these things themselves. But with the help of relatives, friends, and caregivers, wellness for the elderly can be enhanced. The following are a few important things that can be done.

You can optimize their diet

As men and women enter their golden years, vitamins and minerals take on special importance. A lack of one or more essential nutrients can mean a faster decline in an existing health condition, including cognitive issues. A daily intake of leafy greens should be a part of their regular diet. The use of spices can help enrich the enjoyment of foods and will keep a person's appetite healthy. Sodium is often a problem, as seniors can lose their taste for salt. They may begin to salt their foods more, but this is unhealthy for the heart and blood pressure. A healthy diet should also conform to the individual's health issues.

You can assist them with exercise

Daily exercise can help a senior's health, just as it can with younger and middle-aged people. Exercise helps with blood circulation, along with stamina and agility. However, there are limitations that each elderly person will have, so any exercise should be done with the advice of a physician. Exercise should be engaging, so an elderly individual will want to do it. This includes hobbies that may take place outdoors. Examples of this would be gardening and walking.

You can make sure they are sleeping well

This can be overlooked, but it is as important as diet and exercise. Often, an elderly person will need to go to bed earlier, but they should go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. This routine, along with limiting the duration of naps, will help to achieve good sleep. In addition, elderly people should have a limited intake of both caffeine and alcohol, so they fall asleep more readily.

You can help them to socialize

Seniors need to be with other people to maintain psychological well-being. When they are around other people, their minds will avoid a state of despair and depression, along with many psychological conditions that are associated with loneliness that can lead to many physical issues, such as dementia. Interaction with younger people can be helpful, but it is important that they spend time with other seniors in various activities.

There are many things you can do to contribute to a senior's wellness. You can make sure they have the proper diet, good exercise, and good sleep, and they are socializing with other people. Keep in mind that all of these things must be done in conjunction with the limitations given by their physician.