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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

When my mother underwent chemotherapy, we spent a lot of time visiting the phlebotomy lab for blood testing. I was always impressed by how easily the phlebotomist was able to find and puncture a vein to draw blood on the first try. I knew there had to be a method to it, and was astounded by how effortless and painless they made the process. It led me to research a lot about blood tests, from drawing to the actual screening. I've created this site to share what I've learned in the hopes of teaching others. The more you understand, the more control you can have over your own health care.



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Testing, Testing 123: Phlebotomy Basics

    What Orthopedic Rehab Has To Offer

    Orthopedic rehab can help you with regards to a large number of problems. You can educate yourself on some of the many types of things orthopedic rehab services can help you with and the ways in which it can help by reading this article. Orthopedic rehab helps with many injuries and conditions The list of injuries and conditions that orthopedic rehab can help with include, but is not limited to the following:

    Herniated Disc Information For Patients That Suspect They May Have This Injury

    A herniated disc can be one of the most painful back problems that you can develop. Due to the pain and disruption that this condition can cause, having a working understanding of this condition can be useful for everyone. How Will You Know If You Have Developed A Herniated Disc? A herniated disc can cause extreme pain in your back that may restrict your range of movement and cause extensive swelling.